Watching the Passers By
The Toss
Waiting My Turn (Roller Derby)
Rick's Garage - Palmwoods, Qld
The Three Business Men - Melbourne, Vic
The Wind Chime Maker - Bali
The Sax Player - Brisbane, Qld
10 Housemade Soups - Melbourne, Vic
The Street Artist - Caloundra, Qld
Flinders Street Station - Melbourne, Vic
Repent - Melbourne, Vic
The Egg Man - Bali
No Standing - Melbourne, Vic
St Kilda Pier - Vic
The Allens Girl - Brisbane Mall, Qld
Morning Coffee - Bangalow, NSW 
The Street Artist - Bali
Having a Break - Melbourne, Vic
Red Scooter - Melbourne, Vic
Waiting for Master - Melbourne, Vic
The Bridge Jumpers - Qld
Waiting for the Crowd - Maleny Show, Qld
Unloading the Cargo - Norfolk Island
Fighting the Wind - Currimundi Beach, Qld
We have Everything - Brim Store, Vic
The Sand Artist - Byron Bay, NSW
Dean Ray Performance - Chinchilla, Qld, 
Restyle - Tim Cogger Barber - Hamilton, Vic
Hitting the Curve
Window Shopping
Big Bang - Lytton, Qld
Tyre Repair - Bali
Bucking Bronco
Waiting for the Lights
The Fisherman - Fraser Island, Qld
The Collector
Black and White Reflections
Luna Park - Melbourne, Vic
Coloured Reflections

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